The Social Development Fund (SDF) was established in 1998 under the ADB funded Poverty Reduction Project (PRP) as the project implementation unit as well as the Gambia Social Fund under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

Using a participatory demand-driven intervention strategy, the SDF was highly successful in supporting community-based micro-projects, on-lending of credit to NBFIs, capacity building to NBFIs and coordinating entrepreneurial training for selected intermediaries. Having recognized the successful outreach and satisfactory performance of the SDF, the Government of Tthe Gambia approved the transformation of the SDF into a Fiduciary Financial Institution (Trust Company), which enables it to operate as a note-for-profit Fiduciary Financial Trustee Company registered under the Companies Act (Cap 95.01) and the Financial Institutions Act (1992) as an Apex funding institution for the development of microfinance operations in The Gambia.

As a Trust Company the SDF mobilises resources and manages funds in ‘TRUST’ for and behalf of the Government of The Gambia and donors for wholesaling to a multitude of prudentially and soundly managed retail financial intermediaries as shown on the diagram below.