The SDF regional office for CRR/URR is located in Bansang Town behind the Police station by the Regional Health Directorate for CRR. The office operates through Programme Officers (PO) located in each of the three operational zones under the regional office namely: CRR North, CRR South and URR.

The PO CRR North is based in Wassu whilst the PO CRR South operates from the regional office in Bansang. The PO URR is based in Basse and operates from a sub-office located within the Basse Area Council office complex.

The services of the SDF at regional level include financial and non-financial services. The former includes wholesale loans to VISACAs, individual Credit Unions, CBOs and Kafos. When and where possible, other MFIs and Financial NGOs operating in the region can also access such services through the regional office.

The non-financial services of the SDF at regional level include basic business and entrepreneurship training and business advice as well as financial literacy to end-users  of financial services. The provision of the above services is contingent on the availability of grant funds.

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